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Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30-10:30am

Cushing Park, Framingham

Move & connect with other moms in a fun & motivating environment! This 60 minute, mommy and me, stroller fitness class includes a full body workout, time to bond with your child, and a supportive community for motivation, friendship, & fun! This class will leave you feeling strong, energized, and connected! Babies/children of all ages are welcome and do not need to stay in the stroller. Modifications are given to support pregnancy and postpartum recovery and to meet all fitness levels. Please bring a mat.


Sunday 7:30-8:30AM 

Framingham Centre Common 

Tuesday & Thursday

5:15-6AM Virtual

Strengthen your body and mind in this 45-minute total-body strength and conditioning workout that incorporates circuits, HIIT, bodyweight exercises, and free weights. This mood and energy boosting workout is designed to help you feel physically and mentally strong, motivated, and connected.​

Push Ups

Personal Training & One-on-One Coaching

I offer personal training either at your home or outdoors in a public park. Sessions are individualized and aim to help you build strength, improve your physical and mental health, and find joy in the process of moving your body to improve your health and well-being. 

My whole body approach to coaching blends my skills and expertise as a mental health and fitness professional. I will support you in developing greater self-awareness as your foundation for meaningful habit changes. We will work collaboratively to establish behavior based goals, build upon your strengths, and create a plan with accountability to support sustainable habit changes that lead to a healthier mind and body. 

When working with youth, exercise is used to assist with building their confidence, self-esteem, and body image. Your child or teen will gain awareness of the mind-body connection, improve self-regulation, establish a healthy relationship with exercise, and look forward to moving their body to support a healthy, strong, and balanced body and mind.

Happy Friends Laughing

Group Coaching



Moms In Motion is a group coaching program designed for moms looking to gain the support and accountability to prioritize their self care, build a healthier lifestyle, and improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. ​

Children Embracing in Circle

Community Based

I am passionate about making services inclusive and accessible to everyone. I partner and collaborate with local schools, non-profits, and community organizations to provide customized health and wellness programs that support: mental health, physical fitness, social-emotional learning, youth empowerment, maternal health and well-being, strengthening families, and community building.

Recent Collaborations

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