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Fitness & Yoga

We offer a range of in-person and virtual classes (with and without your child) that get you moving so you can feel your best. Whether you choose to exercise with your child in tow or solo, you'll be able to connect with a supportive community of like-minded moms for ongoing motivation, friendship, support, and fun!

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  • Exercise & socialize in a fun and motivating environment!

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  • Self-care Sunday! Come build strength, sweat it out, & socialize on th...

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  • A full body Strength & HIIT workout to start the day feeling strong & ...

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  • Nourish your body & mind.

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Personal Training, 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions,
& Small Group Training

For those looking for a more individualized approach to achieving their health & fitness goals I offer personal or small group training and private yoga sessions either at your home, outdoors at a local park, in a private studio in Framingham, or virtually. I work with all fitness levels, abilities, ages, and bodies. I specialize in working with women, pre & postnatal, youth, and clients who want to strengthen their mind body connection.


I enjoy helping clients build greater physical & mental strength, confidence, and connection through movement. My trauma informed approach meets you where you are at, and focuses on creating a safe, non-judgmental, body positive space for clients to develop a healthy relationship with exercise that supports their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Being both a fitness trainer and therapist, I offer mental health therapy that incorporates exercise and movement (walking, strength training, yoga, embodiment practices).  If you are interested, you can learn more here.

Yoga & Personal Training Pricing

$100 for 45 minute session | $75 for 30 minute session

*additional cost depending on driving distance

*please inquire about small group training pricing (2-4 participants) 

strength training
private yoga session


Does my child have to stay in the stroller? Absolutely not. Actually, we encourage moms to take their babies and children out of the stroller as opportunities to incorporate them into the workout and engage with them for fun bonding time. They will also have fun playing and making friends with other children in class. Older children can join in the workout or have fun playing with each other.

Can I come to Stroller Fit without a stroller age child? Absolutely! Moms are welcome to stroller with or without children. Most classes there is usually at least one mom without a child in tow. You do not need a stroller either. Many moms attend whose children are beyond the stroller years.

What do I need to bring to class? Please bring a mat or blanket and resistance band to stroller fit. Resistance bands are provided if you don't have one. You will receive an email the night before bootcamp with instructions for what weights to bring to class. Extras will always be available. For virtual classes having a few different sets of dumbbells is helpful.

I am pregnant or just had a baby. Are the exercises safe and do you provide modifications? As long as you are cleared by a doctor to exercise you are welcome to join. Safe & effective pre & postnatal modifications are provided.

I am worried my child won't cooperate or I will need to stop to feed my baby. We are all moms and get it! We make it fun for both moms and children and keep them entertained throughout. At times you will need to pause and attend to your child's needs, whether that's a snack, chasing after them, feeding, changing a diaper, or some TLC. That's more than alright. That's called being a mom! Like anything, with repetition your child will quickly learn the routine and both of will look forward to the weekly time together. There is no judgment and class is designed to provide the flexibility to meet your baby/child's needs without feeling like you are "behind" or holding up the class. If you are feeling anxious about this, it's all the more reason to come and build your confidence! You've got this!

Where do you hold Stroller Fit when it rains or in the winter? Participants are emailed the morning of class if class needs to be moved indoors due to the weather. After Thanksgiving through mid April and when it rains we meet inside the Natick Mall at The Vibe (located on the first floor outside Tiffany's / the old Neiman Marcus). It's easiest to park at the Nordstrom garage. Sunday Bootcamp stays outside all winter with virtual as a back-up when the ground is covered or it's below 25 degrees.

What is your cancellation policy? For all classes you are required to cancel before 8pm the night before class otherwise you will be charged for the class. A 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule all personal training, private yoga, and small group sessions, otherwise you will be responsible for the full fee.

"I started taking Stroller Fit when I was 5 weeks postpartum. Jessica provides an amazing workout program that brings moms together to help them create the village they need while getting in shape. The stroller fit class also is a great way to bond with you little one! Jessica is always keeping me motivated and pushing me to challenge myself. Stroller Fit gives me the opportunity to start my day off right and provides me with a group of amazing moms to connect with!"

(Mom of 2-year-old)

”I am so grateful Jessica and her Stroller Fit program was available to me during my maternity leave. When my daughter was born in the winter, I knew it would be important for me to get out of the house--but where do you go with a newborn during the chilly weather? Stroller Fit was the perfect destination. Jess's class and community is a safe place to be a mom and get some exercise. Sometimes I arrived late. Sometimes my daughter cried. Jess provides structure and flexibility to overcome any doubts and get some exercise. I feel much more CONFIDENT after participating in Stroller Fit.”


(Mom of 3 month-old)

"I am so grateful to have found Jessica and her community at Emotions in Motion. Jessica fosters values of self-care and self-respect, while at the same time understands how unpredictable motherhood can be. Jess has shown me that taking time and energy to focus on my emotional and physical health is important and will also help my family in the long run. I always come out of her classes/workshops feeling more focused, energized, mindful, and appreciative of such an awesome group of women. Since joining Jessica's community I've become stronger, gained confidence, and am more mindful of how I make decisions throughout the day. My mind and body are happier and healthier, and I have gained a great group of mom friends in the process."


(Mom of 2 & 5 year-old)

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