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Postpartum Support

Mindful Mom & Baby Group

A supportive and social group for moms and their babies (birth to pre-crawling). This group is intended to give you the much-needed community, connection, and support along your postpartum journey!


Come connect and make new friends with other like-minded moms going through similar stages of motherhood, feel seen, understood, and less alone as you share your struggles and joys in a non-judgmental space, have fun bonding with your baby, and receive emotional support.


Each week will begin with a mindful check-in, time to share and receive support, bonding activities such as infant massage or baby and me yoga, and a different topic of discussion (examples include navigating relationships, your new identity, sleep, return to work or not, self-care, etc.). In addition, you will learn invaluable mindfulness-based tools to you shut out the "noise", learn to tune into your inner wisdom, and create a greater sense of calm and confidence as a mother. 


Leave feeling more connected & supported in your postpartum journey.

This group is led by Jessica Spaman, LICSW, Owner of Emotions In Motion & Jill Vetstein, LICSW, Early Intervention Specialist, Certified Infant Toddler Teacher, & Infant Massage Instructor.

*This group is therapeutic, but is NOT mental health treatment or a replacement for it.
We do offer individual perinatal mental health therapy as a separate service. Learn more here.

This group is open to anyone who identifies as a mom. First time moms and moms with multiple children are encouraged to join. LGBTQ+ allies.

"I felt connected, supported, and heard. Jessica and Jill were phenomenal facilitators! They are kind, supportive and thoughtful in leading the classes and facilitating group discussions. Group focused on meeting the needs of BOTH moms & babies at the same time. Oftentimes, I feel like other classes are focused on one or the other so the fact that both the connection, community and calming techniques for moms and the movement / music, etc. for babies was being met is wonderful!

I definitely recommend this group to other moms. I’ve made mom friends with moms who have babies the same age as my son and it’s amazing! I look forward to continuing these new friendships for years to come."


Katie (mom of 6 month-old)

"Jessica and Jill provided a caring space to share any motherhood challenges and offered new ways of coping with the anxieties and stressors of adapting to motherhood. Connecting with other mothers and sharing common challenges was soothing and made me feel less alone. The bonding exercises that included yoga I especially enjoyed because it made me realize I can combine my own wellness with time with my baby. I felt completely safe and comfortable sharing my experiences in this group and it was a great outlet to help me work through my emotions."

Zoe (mom of 4 month-old)

"Thank you for your kindness, compassion and expertise in providing a space to feel open and comfortable to share. I found the community around motherhood that was I looking for. I also learned helpful techniques and skills for mindfulness that I was hoping to learn to be more present with my baby.  It was a great way to meet other moms and feel less isolated."


Antonia (mom of 5 month-old)

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