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Feel empowered to live a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, & more CONNECTED life

Movement, community, & support for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Hands Up

Women's Wellness Group
A 90 Day journey to greater health & well-being. 

Only TWO spots left!

Current Offerings


Fitness & Yoga Classes

Community, connection, & movement that will empower you to be your best self.

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support Group

Come meet other postpartum moms, feel understood and less alone, and get support.

Women Holding Hands

Women's Wellness & Self-Care Group
Next 90 Day Group begins June 4th.

Uncover what's holding you back & take ACTION towards becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself!

Quick Lift

Personal Training & 1-on-1 Coaching

An individualized approach to getting you moving and feeling your best - inside and out!


Community Based Wellness Programs

Inclusive & accessible wellness programs & services. Let's collaborate!

Get moving towards a healthier, happier YOU!

-> Do you want to feel stronger physically and mentally, have more energy, and feel more equipped to handle life stressors?

-> Are you looking to connect with other moms, make new friends for you and your child, and build your village?


->Want the support to finally start prioritizing your self-care and improve the way you feel on a daily basis?

At Emotions In Motion, you will find the much-needed support and community to help you feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally.


As a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW), health & wellness coach, certified fitness trainer, and yoga instructor I am passionate about building community and taking an integrative whole person approach that focuses on strengthening the body, mind, and connections. 

I am here to help you feel STRONGER, HEALTHIER, more CONNECTED, and EMPOWERED to be your best self.

Jessica Spaman, LICSW, CPT.jpg

As a mom of two, I get it. PRIORITIZING YOURSELF and your wellbeing can be HARD.

As moms we spend so much time taking care of others' needs that it can be difficult to find the TIME, ENERGY, or MOTIVATION to prioritize our own.

However, when we are that HEALTHY, PRESENT, and BALANCED mom we know we can be, we are better equipped to handle life, attend to our family's needs, and show up as our BEST selves.

At Emotions In Motion, you will gain the support and an inclusive community of like-minded moms for friendship, support, and fun!

If you want to feel more ENERGIZED, LESS ALONE in your struggles, and physically and mentally STRONGER, then you are in the right place. 

You will have FUN moving your body, build meaningful CONNECTIONS with other moms, and find the MOTIVATION, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY when you need it most. 

By reaching out or registering for your first class you are taking the first step to doing something different, to feeling less alone in your journey, and to becoming a HEALTHIER & HAPPIER version of yourself. 

There is no better time to start than now!



"I started taking Stroller Fit when I was 5 weeks postpartum. Jessica provides an amazing workout program that brings moms together to help them create the village they need while getting in shape. The stroller fit class also is a great way to bond with you little one! Jessica is always keeping me motivated and pushing me to challenge myself. Stroller Fit gives me the opportunity to start my day off right and provides me with a group of amazing moms to connect with!"



"I have been taking Stroller Fit for about 3 months since moving to Framingham. I take this class with my 6.5 month son. I love how the class got me motivated to work out again after having my son. I enjoy the friendship that has formed between the moms and it truly leads to a positive day after each class!"



"Jessica has really helped me find my comfort in fitness over the past 6 months. I am super grateful to have had her help me get into shape, and also how that physical activity has translated into emotional health. This has been so important during this super tough time. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Sarah B.

fam fit.jpg

"Family Fit has been a great way to spend time together as a family, have my kids connect with other peers, and improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Jessica is very in tune with meeting each child where they are emotionally that day and catering to what the group's needs are each day. My daughter brought back from school a drawing about Family Fit and her teacher says she talks about it all the time. "

Rachel D.

amy 2.jpg

"Last year when I found myself in Framingham for an unexpectedly long time, a chance meeting during an outdoor run turned into a much loved and well needed fitness ritual. Jessica’s bootcamp was the perfect mix of challenging exercises in a truly supportive environment. No matter the weather and throughout all the seasons, I looked forward to early morning workouts. It truly was my most favorite way to start the day. Jessica’s routines were never routine and she kept me mentally and physically fit. I especially loved the workouts on the playground which made me feel like a kid again! I’m no longer in the area and miss Jessica and her group immensely but the memories of how this serendipitous meeting turned into such a highlight during the pandemic always put a smile on my face! Highly recommend!!!"

Amy S.

Contact Me

The quality of care and experience at Emotions In Motion is my top priority. I am always welcoming feedback for how I can better serve individuals, families and our community. Contact me to find out more about Emotions In Motion and how I can help you!

(585) 732-0713

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