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90 Day Women's Wellness Group

Harness the power of community as you move towards a healthier version of YOU!

A 90 day group coaching program that provides moms with the much needed support and accountability to prioritize their self care, build a healthier lifestyle, and improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. ​


🗣️”I am a much happier person these past few months. I feel fabulous, have more energy, and I no longer care about the number on the scale or let it determine how I am feeling.”


🗣️”Jessica taught me tools I can easily apply to making all kinds of habit changes."


🗣️”This group has been so helpful. I love the accountability and space to be more reflective and learn more about myself."


🗣️”I never realized how mean I was to myself. I learned to talk more kindly to myself. As a result I no longer give up and fall into that all or nothing mentality when I miss a day.”

🗣️ "I have been learning a lot about myself and I am continuing to build good habits. Moms In Motion has been really helpful at keeping me reflective, motivated, and supported."

No quick fixes here! You will embark on a 90-day journey where you will develop greater awareness and examine your thoughts, feelings, and current habits as the foundation for meaningful habit change. You will set specific habit-based goals that align with your values, the season you are in, and your deepest motivations for change.


You will learn to identify and tame your inner critic, the inner voice that likes to think in black and white, self-sabotage, and tells you "I'm not good enough," "why even bother, I've failed in the past," or "I'm too busy, now is not a good time." You will cultivate greater self-compassion as a powerful antidote, learn effective strategies to support lasting habit change, and gain a safe, supportive, and inclusive community to connect with like-minded moms and feel understood and less alone

You will be asked to share and explore:

  • Your current habits and how they impact your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Insights, thoughts, emotions and stories you tell yourself. 

  • Non-judgmental, encouraging, and supportive dialogue with peers.



What to expect:

  • Weekly live zoom group coaching calls (Sundays 7:30PM) that includes meditation, self-reflection, journaling, habit change coaching, and an opportunity to share and receive support within a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment.


  • 3x/week check-ins in private group chat for ongoing reflection, accountability, and motivation


  • A safe and non-judgmental community of like-minded moms for ongoing support & connection; to feel understood and less alone in your struggles, to celebrate your wins with, and to feel empowered to be your best self.


  • Access to me as your coach with option for additional 1:1 coaching


The next 3-month group coaching program BEGINS: JUNE 4, 2023 


By registering, you are taking the first step to doing something different, to feeling less alone in your journey, and to becoming a HEALTHIER & HAPPIER version of yourself. There is no better time to start than now! ​

"I have learned so much in Moms In Motion. My biggest takeaway was the power of my negative self- talk. I have completely changed my inner narrative into a cheerleader from a negative nelly. I am kicking that guy to the curb! I absolutely feel more connected to my kids, friends and family because I am more present then ever and more aware of myself. I do feel accomplished and proud of myself. Lastly my mood and energy could not be more different.”

Jen (mom of 2)

“I’ve been working with Jessica for a long time on my fitness goals. However, when I started to feel the stress of life taking it’s toll on my nutrition and my mental state, I realized I needed a bit more support. Moms in Motion is a place I found compassion, support and empathy. It’s a group of fierce women all supporting, sharing and cheering each other on. Honesty about how we see ourselves, and Jess’s guidance in ways we can embrace and be kinder to ourselves, while also making goals and taking the small steps to improve our routines is a blessing for me. I feel better mentally, more energized, and less critical. This group takes practicality into account, and the space to be who we truly are.”

Sarah (mom of 2)

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